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  • Mobility project for school education staff Key Action 1
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Crete is the largest island in Greece and our school is the  1st Lyceum of Ierapetra and it’s a High School. It has about 300 students and 26 teachers, two of them are teachers in special education. The majority of the students are of Greek origin  and  20% are foreigners, mostly Albanians and Bulgarians. It’s a middle school for students at the age of 15-18 and provides standard secondary education as specified by the national curriculum which we have to follow. Courses are mainly theoretical from a broad range of subjects from the natural and social sciences including Modern Greek and Ancient Greek Literature, Maths, Physics, Economics, Sociology, Physical Education, Information Technology and English. There are Projects as part of the curriculum where students practice in many activities that have to do with ecology, art, philosophy, economy, cultural and health education. The students upon graduation usually apply for university admission. Given the economic crisis our students face many challenges including having to support their families by working in the tourism industry during the summer months. They do not know much about the EU and the benefits of European integration, in fact most of them have never travelled abroad. The proposed project can broaden their cultural horizons and reinforce their motivation to study.

Many students attend university after succeeding in hard exams. In addition each year, tey participate in sports competitions winning distinctios. Moreover there are a lot of clubs in our school such us Enviromental, Journalism, Culture and Economy.

Last but not least, our students participate in the Youth Greek Parliament an institution which allows them to be represented in a Greek Parliament and express their views on issues that concern them. They also take part in the “Euroscola” competition every year. Three of them will visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg this year.
Organisation name1st LYCEUM OF IERAPETRA
Organisation phone+302842022356
Organisation typeSchool/Institute/Educational centre


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