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  • Mobility project for school education staff Key Action 1
  • Strategic Partnerships in the field of Education, Training and Youth Key Action 2
Contact PersonNikolaj S?rensen

Organisation Profile

Skolen ved Bülowsvej is situated in a 100% urban setting. We are a combined primary –and secondary school with roughly 800 pupils and 70 staff. However, about 50% of our students are in General Secondary Education, and the possibility of working together with people from other parts of the world has proved to be extremely positive and motivating both for teachers and students. We believe that a cooperation between international partners enriches the education system, both for the teachers and for the pupils. Sharing ideas and experience increases the children’s knowledge in order to develop an understanding of the world. Our school would hope that participating in partnerships will broaden our pupils educational experience and encourage them to interact with their peers across Europe more confidently. With the expanding use of ICT in our schools it is also hoped that our pupils will get the opportunity (by participating in partnerships) to enhance their language skills and acquire a vast knowledge of the different cultures spread out across Europe today. Furthermore, we aim to develop links with other schools in Europe, which may lead to an exchange of (teaching) materials and ideas.

Organisation nameSkolen ved B?lowsvej
Organisation phone+4538210580
Organisation typeSchool/Institute/Educational centre


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